New API's

We have released new API's for you, that you can consume and create new apps and webpages.

The below are the list of new API’s:

  • Weather Forecast (easy to integrate)
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for SRF, RTS, RSI,
  • RTS Lab (power API)
  • GIS Map (exposes the features of the SRG broadcast)

iOS SDKs on GitHub

We just wanted to inform you that all our iOS SDKs are now provided publicly on GitHub, which could be of use for mobile projects created during the Hackathon and which want to use our content.


The two most important iOS SDKs which teams could use are the following:

Tech Story: Avoid pitfalls when reverting pull requests in Git


If you use Git you might be familiar with a fairly common workflow that includes checking out a feature branch from the productive branch, opening a pull request and merging the pull request to the productive branch when the feature is ready.  

However, this post is not about development workflows, it is about a problem that might come up sometimes if you work with pull requests.