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Updates to our Terms of Service and Privacy Statement

We regularly update our policies to reflect the evolution of our products, or in response to changing legal requirements, clarification requests, or user feedback. In this update, we’ve made some changes to our Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, and other site policies. 


Updates to our legal terms

we have published updates to our Terms of Service to reflect the new products and services we’ve just released. These updates include new terms related to SRGSSR actions, in addition to some restructuring to enhance ease of use. These updated terms are effective as of June 2020, and will be incorporated into your existing terms as applicable.


Updates to our  Data Privacy Statement

We’ve also included updates to our Data Privacy Statement ,which goes into effect in June 2020. The updates to our Acceptable Use Policies cover new products and features.

For each of these policies, we also reorganized some sections to present the information. Other changes reflect our increasing focus on the security of our platform and services.


* Incase you do not agree to the new Terms and Conditions or the Data Privacy Statement, Please do drop an email to us and we will unregister your account.


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