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The SRG SSR has a new Developer Portal for its APIs ๐ŸŽ‰

You wonder what that means? Come and visit our website. We have updated it for you. 

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For the SRG it is important that third parties actively use their data (information/content). An API enables to open archives for example. Thus, the SRG has made its audiovisual heritage easily accessible via memobase in collaboration with the foundation memoriav.

To expand further the community and exploit more the potential of APIs, they are now described in a way that lay persons can better understand what kind of data can be retrieved behind each interface. 

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please send us an email (

What are APIs? 

API stands for Application Programming Interface. These interfaces allow specific data of an offer or an organisation (in this case, the SRG) to be used.

What is a Developer Portal?

APIs of an offer or an organisation, including technical instructions, can be found on a developer portal.

By relaunching the portal, it switches to the Open API Standard, which also simplifies access for people and computers.

Thanks to the SRG APIs, the numerous content and information of the SRG five enterprise units can be used in countless different ways. In a new blog entry you will find many examples of how they can be used, for example for local services and offers. 


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The SRG SSR API team is proud to share our data for the friends, community, customer and partners.