What is it?

The SRG-SSR Video REST API allows you to get video metadata (including subtitles) from various business units (RSI, RTS, RTS, SRF, SWI).

The API delivers a list of video objects filtered by search parameters that you provided. The API response contains a JSON definition of a playable asset, for example a list of video by tag, all the episodes of a show, or videos that expire soon.

To play videos, you can use our player. It needs only the ID of the video you get by using the APIs. For more details on how to integrate and use the player in your HTML page, please visit

our official link of the Letterbox: https://srgssr.github.io/marketing/letterbox/  this older documentation SRG Player API Documentation page  is outdated.

Quick search among videos
Get the valid video IDs immediately to feed the media player. Reach full-length videos of Tv channels of your choice or search filtered by topics.
Easy access to livestreams
Video API lets you access all livestream information.
Wide range of usage
Use the received data on websites, in apps, through HbbTv or other platform.

Why use it?

Do you want to play video files by using the built-in SRG Player on your site or in your app?  Do you want to stream live Tv shows or full-length episodes of Tv shows? SRG-SSR Video API can help!


  • Quick search in the video database

  • Access to Tv channels and episodes of radio shows

  • Get live streams and play it on your website or in your app


How it works?

This API consists of a bunch of GET methods that you can request for metadata of video objects, livestreams, and Tv channels. The API returns the ID of the requested object that can be passed over to a media player to play the video.


How to use

If you’d like to use SRG-SSR Video API together with the built-in SRG Player of your site, follow these three steps to get started. (Read the documentation about integrating our player by using IFrame or JavaScript.)

Register and login
You need to be a registered user to access to SRG-SSR APIs. Log in after registration.
Create an App
On your dashboard, create an application that will use the API.
Get an API key
Your application has an API key that authorize you to use the API. You can find it on the page of the application.


To access the SRG-SSR REST Video API, you need to be a registered user with a valid API key.

Some videos might not be available out of Switzerland, because of geo-blocking reasons.

Get API key View reference documentation