This API provides programmatic access to content from [](, including bands, singles, playlists, concerts, etc.

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Retrieve EPG data for the business units - SRF, RSI and RTS. This is the new consolidated version and the SRF EPG API - will be deprecated in the future.

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Weather-API (commercial use)​

Returns custom location reference points for 5 days with weather forecasts covering each individual day.

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This API provides programmatic access to Retrieve Electronic program guide(EPG) for TV and Radio stations.Currentiy available business unit is SRF.

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tpc Polis

Polis is the Political Information System from tpc. This API provides results for votations and elections in Switzerland and other countries back to 1900.

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RSI RadionOnAir

RSI Radio APIs returns a list of song played in the last 48 hours. RETEUNO, RETEDUE and RETETRE are the names of the Radio Channels.

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RSI WebContent

These API Proxy gives access to articles and media-assets from RSI content manager. It offers a “search” on contents according to the type, topics and text, and a detail of each content.

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RTS WebContent

CMS REST API Allow access to Escenic CMS (Content Managment System) content translated into a more understandable model through a RESTful API (news and sport articles, sections, images, audio and video.

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