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SRGSSR Play Subtitles 2.0.0

What is it?

This API provides link to download subtitles of a TV program in play (not web only)

The content originates from the play overview pages of the business units:


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SRGSSR Play Subtitles at the glance

Subtitles for all Swiss languages are available

Wide coverage

Large parts of the tv programs and web videos are available

Easy access

In combination with the SRGSSR video API

Why use it?

Subtitles are very useful for everyone. The API gives you the ability to 

  • use videos without sound 
  • use videos in foreign languages 
  • redesign subtitles

How it works?

Retrieve subtitles of a TV programme. Below are the Steps to obtain the URN value which is requied for this API:

  1. Go to APIs > SRGSSR-Video, and Click on API Documentation.
  2. In the API documentation, go to Episodes APIs, and xlick on Any of the Episodes Resource ( eg. Latest Episodes or Episodes by Date).
  3. From the Resource Documentation page, get the Oauth Token and try the API call.
  4. In the response, look for the subtitlesAvailable field with value as - true in the object inside the mediaList array. You would find the "id" field in the "episode" object below the subtitlesAvailable field.
  5. Copy the id valye and create urn for the episode subtitle as -  urn:<business unit>:episode:tv:<episode id> . Example URN value - urn:srf:episode:tv:519e86bf-6385-4bfb-b8aa-dc982d0b07d8


Read the reference documentation 

How to use?

If you’d like to use SRG-SSR Audio API together with the integrated SRG Player of your site, follow these three steps to get started. (Read the documentation about integrating our player by using IFrame or JavaScript.)


1. Register and login

You need to be a registered user to access to SRG-SSR APIs. Log in after registration.

2. Create an App

On your dashboard, create an application that will use the API.
For standard access and most use-cases you can use the product SRG SSR PUBLIC API V2.

3. Get an API key

Your application has an API key that authorize you to use the API. You can find it on the page of the application.

Next steps

No next development steps are planned. Do you have inputs? Get in touch via


To access the SRG-SSR API, you need to be a registered user with a valid API key.


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About us

The SRG SSR API team is proud to share our data for the friends, community, customer and partners.