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SRGSSR Music Platform 2.1.6

available at SRG-SSR-PUBLIC-API-V2 API-Product

What is it?

This API provides programmatic access to content from, including bands, singles, playlists, concerts, etc.


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MX3 info at a glance

The MX3 platform existed since 2006 and includes user generated content from more than 30,000 bands/acts (approx. 125,000 songs and more than 15,000 video clips)

Wide coverage

The data set includes information about the bands, their pieces of music, playlists, music videos, concert recordings, right down to their geolocation.

Flexible usability

You can retrieve a lots of Swiss Music Band information, wehre they play or streaming and a lot more

Why use it?

Music is the only common Swiss language. Do you want to travel across the music genres and regions and add it to your app, website or other digital products? Use the biggest Swiss music database via this API.

  • Quick search through genres and regions
  • High quality music curation with the on air selection of the radios and tv
  • Access to audio, video and high resolution pictures of many artists

How it works?

You can start to search in different Categorys, Band or Artist, Singles, Radio Gig. by identification number.

We do offer new: band on-air and  streaming endpoint


Read the reference documentation

How to use?

If you’d like to use MX3 API, follow these three steps to get started.


1. Register and login

You need to be a registered user to access to SRG-SSR APIs. Log in after registration.

2. Create an App

On your dashboard, create an application that will use the API.
For standard access and most use-cases you can use the product SRG SSR PUBLIC API V2.

3. Get an API key

Your application has an API key that authorize you to use the API. You can find it on the page of the application.

Next steps

We do plan to renew the API, if you have inputs for us, please get in touch via


To access the SRGSSR API, you need to be a registered user with a valid API key.


Get API key View reference documentation

About us

The SRG SSR API team is proud to share our data for the friends, community, customer and partners.