This API provides programmatic access to content from, including bands, singles, playlists, concerts, etc.

Polis is the Political Information System from SRG. This API provides results for votations and elections in Switzerland and other countries back to 1900.

"Escenic Connector" Allow acces to Escenic content translated into a more understandable model through a RESTfull API.
The primary goal of this API is to give access to resources through a stateless model, not to be a use cases based API.
You can look at all the access points below.

RSI ContenManagementSystem APIs give access and provide some basic data-mining functions on articles and media-assets according to RSI website official sections, such as 'Sport', 'Ticino e Grigioni news', 'Archives' and others

The Archives API is an open API that provides access to audios, videos and articles from 1931 to nowadays (API is still under development)

Audio and Video Metadata (incl. subtitles) from RSI, RTS, RTS, SRF, SWI

SRF TV program informations

SRF Radio program information