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SRF Weather 1.0.4

Our offers

We offer five packages, to suit your business needs. If none of the standard packages comply with your business

needs, custom packages may be created. Please get in contact with us for further details:

Package freemium micro small medium large enterprise



points (max)

1 2 5 20 40 unlimited




50 requests / 1 day 500 requests / 1 day

1000 requests / 1 day

3000 requests / 1 day 5'000 requests / 1 day 20'000 requests / 1 day

Price (CHF)

Free 45 / month 70 / month 210 / month 480 / month upon request

Pricing information net excluding VAT. All data, products and prices subject to change.

Please note If you apply for a freemium package, you need to confirm that it is only for research and development purposes and not for commercial use. If you violate this condition, you would risk loosing access to the API.

What is it?

The SRF Weather REST API allows you to get weather forecasts.

After providing either of name, zip code or decimal latitude and longitude parameters of the chosen location, the API sends a response that contains a JSON object based on the request with the weather forecast of the location for the chosen time period (hourly, daily).

Download weather icons
SRF Weather API User Guide and Weather Icon Description
Meteo API Symbol Description


Weather info at a glance

We offer the options of receiving weather data for the next 5 days with hourly forecasts for each individual day, or one single core statement per day for 5 days (no hourly progression). Both options include parameters like "Sun, Wind, Temperature, Precipitation".

Wide coverage

SRG SSR Weather API provides you with weather data from all over Switzerland.

Flexible usability

Use the received data on your websites, or in your apps to provide reliable weather forecast for your customers.

Why use it?

Do you want to get a weather forecast feature on your site or in your app?  Do you want to provide a possibility to check if the weather is suitable for planned activities? SRF Weather API can help!

  • Easy integration
  • Wide coverage in Switzerland
  • Weather forecast by the location of choice
  • Hourly or daily forecast

How it works?

This API consists of a bunch of GET methods that you can request for weather data of a particular location of Switzerland applied for a given time frame. After successful authorization, the API sends back the requested data as a JSON object.

In the interest of the customer, we would like to provide interested companies with a so-called sample data record for the "Weekly" and "Hourly" options before they log in, so that they can better understand what data is included.

   Sample response files to download

You can start here over this

How to use?

If you’d like to use SRF Weather API, follow these three steps to get started.


1. Register and login

You need to be a registered user to access to SRG-SSR APIs. Log in after registration.

2. Create an App

On your dashboard, create an application that will use the API.
For standard access and most use-cases you can use the product SRG SSR PUBLIC API V2.

3. Get an API key

Your application has an API key that authorize you to use the API. You can find it on the page of the application.

Next steps

No next development steps are planned. Do you have inputs? Get in touch via


To access the SRF Weather API, you need to be a registered user with a valid API key.


Get API key View reference documentation

About us

The SRG SSR API team is proud to share our data for the friends, community, customer and partners.