We just wanted to inform you that all our iOS SDKs are now provided publicly on GitHub, which could be of use for mobile projects created during the Hackathon and which want to use our content.


The two most important iOS SDKs which teams could use are the following:

- SRG Letterbox (https://github.com/SRGSSR/srgletterbox-ios): This is our iOS mobile player, used in almost all SRG SSR iOS applications, and which can play content from any of our business units. The open source project cannot play livestreams or TV series, but can play most of our video and audio content in very few lines of code.

- SRG Data Provider (https://github.com/SRGSSR/srgdataprovider-ios): This SDK provides a simple way to easily retrieve SRG SSR metadata from our national Integration Layer service, aggregating data from all our business units.