Retrieve subtitles of a TV programme. Below are the Steps to obtain the URN value which is requied for this API: Go to APIs->SRGSSR-Video and Click on API Documentation. In the APi documentation, go to Episodes APIs and Click on Any of the Episodes Resource ( eg. Latest Episodes or Episodes by Date) From the Resource Documentation page, get the Oauth Token and try the API call. In the response, Look for the subtitlesAvailable field with value as - true in the object inside the mediaList array. You would find the "id" field in the "episode" object below the subtitlesAvailable field. Copy the id valye and create urn for the episode subtitle as -  urn:<business unit>:episode:tv:<episode id> . Example URN value - urn:srf:episode:tv:519e86bf-6385-4bfb-b8aa-dc982d0b07d8