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SRGSSR Content 1.0.5

What is it?

This API is not currently available to the public. If you would like to test it, please send us an email with your use case.

This API endpoint provides metadata about articles from SRF, RTS, RSI, RTR, and SwissInfo. URLs for images, videos, and the original article are provided when available.

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Current content and archival 

All language regions

German, French, Italian, Romansh, English, and more Languages in the future

Standardized format 

Based on EBUCorePlus 

Why use it?

 The Content API can be interesting for the following use cases:


  • News Aggregaters: These services can use the API to fetch news from SRG SSR and provide it to users alongside other sources. This allows for a more comprehensive coverage, especially for users interested in Swiss events and news.
  • Media Monitoring Services: Companies offering media monitoring services can use the API to track mentions of specific companies, products, or topics in the Swiss media.
  • Historical Research: The API can be invaluable to historians or social scientists interested in studying Swiss culture, politics, and society over time. The articles dating back to 1941 provide a rich source of data for this kind of research. For this UseCase we have a better API the Archive API


How it works?


This API allows you to filter articles by date, business unit (e.g. SRF, RTS, etc.), and genre. See the full API spec for more information. Explore first the genre and with that information you got better results.


 Read the reference documentation

How to use?

If you’d like to use SRG-SSR Content API, follow these three steps to get started



1. Register and login

You need to be a registered user to access to SRG-SSR APIs. Log in after registration.

2. Create an App

On your dashboard, create an application that will use the API.
For standard access and most use-cases you can use the product SRG SSR Content

3. Get an API key

Your application has an API key that authorize you to use the API. You can find it on the page of the application.

Next steps

Swissinfo Content will be integrated by the end of the year.

this API is actively developed according to your needs. Do you have inputs? Get in touch via


To access the Content API, you need to be a registered user with a valid API key.


Get API key     View reference documentation

About us

The SRG SSR API team is proud to share our data for the friends, community, customer and partners.